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Safe Tattoos Utah


Showcasing Reputable artists of all styles throughout Utah. How to spot tinytat/single-needle courses & “certification” scams. HIGHLIGHTS for more

Some of our recent work:


We believe that tattoos are not only an expression of art, but, if executed properly and carefully, can also be an expression of self.


We are extremely fortunate to feature such talented artists that are skilled in quite a wide spectrum of styles. We have confidence that any of our artists are able to collaborate creatively with you, to help create the tattoo that you want.

You can request a consultation with one of our artists 


1150 So. Main St.



Studio Hours:


Monday  12pm-8pm

Tuesday   12pm-8pm

Wednesday   12pm-8pm

Thursday   12pm-8pm

Friday   12pm-8pm

Saturday   12pm-8pm

Sunday   12pm-6pm


Typically, we do tattoos by appointment, however

WALK - INS can be done time permitting. Please call ahead to ensure that we can accommodate you, 801-596-2061.


SLC Ink is hiring experienced professional tattoo artists and potential apprentices to join our awesome crew!


We offer competitive rates, a great atmosphere with great people, we furnish all supplies, you can be as busy as you want, and we are growing.


Experienced tattooers, fill out this application


If you are seeking an apprenticeship fill out this application

Historic tattoo studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Award winning tattoo artists specializing in every style from simple to extravagant. Schedule a consultation with one of our artists at Located in downtown Salt Lake City.
We pride ourselves in providing the best experience in a clean, comfortable, and stylish environment. 

All equipment used for your procedure is 100% disposable, or sterilized using the most modern methods available. We are a participant in the Autoclave Testing Service administered by ATS Inc. 


We are also the only studio in the valley whose entire staff is certified in Bloodborne Pathogen training.


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